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Sri Lanka is a little island in the Southern most tip of the Indian Sub Continent. It had been known by many names in the past. Ceylon, Serendib, Isle of Paradise, Pearl of the Indian ocean, Tear Drop of India, Taprobane are some of the names that Sri Lanka has been known in the past.

This little Island has a recorded history dating back to over 2500 years and a rich heritage. The archaeological and religious ruins, which can be seen in most parts of the Island, depicts the splendour and the glory of the past. Man made Tanks and canals built for irrigation purposes during the era of the kings who ruled this country are still being made use of by the farmers of today. No wonder, that this little Island was also known as “ The Granary of the East" From about 1500 A. D. till 1948 this Island was under the rule of the Portuguese, The Dutch and the British. They too have left remnants of their traditions culture and Architectural monuments.

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A tour operator is never a one that works with the mind, but a one that drills the very soul to explore how, when and where a human could feel relaxed and entertained at the same time. Our experience for the past 10 years as one of the leading tour operators in Sri Lanka has brought us to the forefront in the leisure sector. We are proud to have won the hearts of many generations in creating exceptional Inbound Tours (Sri Lankan Holidays) and Outbound Tours (World Holidays).

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